Clinics We Offer


Respiratory Clinic

This is a service for all patients who are recognised as suffering from any respiratory disease. Our qualified nurse will carry out regular reviews of your condition, treatment and medication. This service is offered in conjunction with your GP.



Advice on how to give up smoking is offered by the practice nurses and GP’s. Referral to the Live Well Dorset organisation can also offer advice (you can self refer to this service).


Cervical Smears

Ladies are invited to attend at regular intervals for a smear. This is a test to detect and prevent the onset of cancer. Appointments are normally with the nurse but can also be made with the doctors.


Child Health

These clinics for well children are run by the health visitor team at a central clinic in Dorchester. The clinic offers the opportunity to weigh and measure babies and infants as well as raise any matters related to child development and family health. If your child is unwell you should consult with a GP.


Children’s Immunisation

Your child will be offered all recommended vaccinations suitable for the age of the child. If this is not convenient, we are also able to offer appointments with the nurse during normal surgery sessions.


Diabetic Clinic

The practice offers a comprehensive screening, monitoring and support service for patients with diabetes. All patients diagnosed with diabetes will routinely receive an invitation to attend a review of their condition and treatment with the practice.


Podiatry & Footcare

NHS podiatry is available to those patients who have a foot problem and a medical need for treatment. Referral to this service must be made by a GP or nurse.


Well Person

The screening includes weight, dietary advice, blood pressure, urine and cholesterol testing where appropriate. Ladies may discuss breast examination and cervical smears. The nurse will discuss lifestyle, smoking and any other health related matter with people who attend. Please ask for an appointment with the nurse for a well person check.


Maternity and Pre-conceptual Care

Full antenatal and postnatal care is shared at the surgery within the team of doctors, midwives and health visitors. Full details of antenatal care will be provided to patients by the midwives who run a weekly clinic at the surgery. A list of those professionals involved in giving antenatal and postnatal care is available. Pre-conceptual advice is offered by the doctors and practice nurses in normal surgery.


BP Monitoring

These checks are normally with our practice nurse team.


Teenage Health

People reaching the age of 15 years are invited to come and discuss health and medical topics with the health visitor or practice nurse. This is completely confidential.



Physiotherapists hold regular clinics. Referral is usually made by the doctor at routine consultations.


Elderly Health Checks

Are available for those people who are 75 years and over. Please ask at the desk for an appointment with the nurse.



Counselling sessions are available for our patients. Problems are discussed in a confidential way. Referral is via your GP.


Minor Surgery

Some small operations are undertaken at the surgery. This will be for problems such as skin lesions, in-growing toenails, joint injections etc. Please see your doctor first.


Family Planning

Advice on all forms of contraception is provided by doctors during normal surgery hours. Emergency contraception is available.